Feeling safe and secure in your home, office or business is an important part of our daily life. We provide the latest technology for PA (Public Address) systems Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a system where the circuitin which the video is transmitted is closed and all the elements (camera, display monitors, recording devices) are directly connected. This is unlike broadcast television where any receiver that is correctly tuned can pick up and display or store the signal.

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PA System

Public Address Systems can be used for multiple functions including pipingmu-sic around a building, outdoor events, forecourts, emergency systems such as fire or burglar alarms to help notify evacuation message, outdoor areas such as mar-kets and auditoriums. In fact, anywhere you need to clearly communicate mes-sages en-mass over a wide area.BFST provides solutions tailored to suit your requirements. With considerable experience of planning, installation, testing and maintenance - we offer a complete solution, even down to integration with exist-ing systems such as CCTV.